Why Do It Yourself

I have often asked myself why do it yourself?

I’m a DIY person.  Always have been and always will be.  The first home I bought was a fixer.  The two homes I’ve bought since were completely redone by my wife and me.  Along the way I’ve rebuilt boats, cabins, restaurants, and decks.  I even built my own aquariums, 300 gallons apiece!

Often as a project gets into its late stages the question of why do it myself comes up.  By this time, I’m usually tired, hungry and often cranky and wonder why go thru all of this.  Well, it usually comes down the following things.

Savings.  Most times but, not always the DIY project comes at a significant financial savings over the amount which the project can be purchased.  This means that there is more money for other things.  In other words, my standard of living has been increased beyond my means by doing the labor myself.

Availability.  Often the people needed for projects can’t be found easily or readily.  In other words, you often can’t find the right person at the right time.

Customization.  Few craftsmen are willing to make it exactly the way I want it.  Whatever is being worked on doesn’t always fit into the categories of the products other people supply.  Yes, someone else can build a deck.  But they usually aren’t willing to do it exactly the way I want it done.  But, I can!

Satisfaction.  Don’t ever underestimate the satisfaction that comes from doing something yourself.  You can turn around and say “I made that by hand… my hands!”

In conclusion yes, I’m a DIY person.  Always have been and always will be because only a DIY project can give me the savings, availability, customization and satisfaction that leaves me fulfilled.