DIY Garage Floors was created out of a deep desire to help anyone have a great garage.  We have experienced the transformation of our own garages as well as thousands of others and we believe that when we help someone else transform theirs, we are doing them a favor. 

Professionally coated floors are expensive.  Not everyone can or wants to spend the money necessary to have a professional company coat their garage floor.  At DIY Garage Floors we can help you bring those same finishes to your garage floor at a fraction of the cost.

Our experience.  We have been in the garage flooring business for over a decade.  During this time, we have owned a garage flooring franchise where we sold franchises and supported the franchisees.  We sell and support professional concrete coatings to companies who coat concrete for a living.  We also have an applications company where we coat concrete for the people who hire us.  We have made all of the mistakes, we have seen the all of the good and the bad that the industry has to offer, we are passionate about what we do and now we are bringing that passion and experience to you the DIY person. 

We understand the difference between DIY and professional people, processes, and floor coatings.  The professional is trading their time for money.    So, they need processes and coatings that will allow them to spend as little time on a project in return for money.  The DIY person trading their time to save money.  This means that they can spend a little more time on the project to get a great finish, at a great price, without great difficulty.

Satisfaction is another great motivator of the DIY project.  I’m a DIY person myself.  I rebuilt my house, the family cabin, boats, stairs, decks and just about anything else I could get my hands on.  When finished with a project I get to look at it and say “I made that by hand… My Hands!”  Bringing that some satisfaction to you is a big part of why we do this.

Chemistry is important in these products.  There are literally millions of ways to formulate concrete coatings.  The formulations must be done to achieve certain results.  In this case it is to get the best finishes in a way that lets the person who doesn’t work with them every day achieve great results.  We have the experience and the chemists to figure this out.

You now get to take a huge amount of practical, professional concrete coatings experience, apply it thru the eyes of people who know how to DIY anything, and have the chemistry and engineering expertise to make the best concrete coatings in the industry.  All of this for the purpose of helping you achieve a professional quality floor coating on your DIY project.